Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wild Hair

Bryce and I have A LOT of hair so it was no surprise when Aubree came out with a lot of hair too. It seemed like her hair was straight and I was super happy about that! Bryce's hair is thick, but straight. My hair is thick, but wavy and with the humidity in Hawaii, it can get pretty frizzy and just wild! If I don't blow dry my hair, I just put it in a pony tail because that is the only manageable solution! My past Christmas presents have been the Japanese straight perm. I LOVE IT!!! I don't have to use a straight iron and this cuts down my getting ready time drastically! Unfortunately Aubree might have my hair!!

Usually we dry her hair and she has normal hair!

But this time her hair was all wavy and wild! We were schocked, but it was still so cute! We'll see how her hair turns out as she grows older!


On Sunday, February 28, we went to church at Bryce's family ward. We decided to surprise his family and just showed up for Sacrament. Actually we had Stake Conference at 10 AM and we got up late. So we decided to redeem ourselves and attend 3 hours of church somewhere!! It was nice because we were able to see people from his home ward that we haven't seen for awhile. Aubree was in the spotlight...and of course was sleeping! She slept all during church. And she was lucky because she had her aunties and grandma to hold her. After church we went to Bryce's house to hang out and eat lunch!

Auntie Mayumi got some quality time with Aubree!

They even got to take a nap together! Notice how they have the same sleeping positions! It was really cute. Aubree looked really comfortable. Even now, she sleeps like a log when she's on somebody.

Aubree always gets tons and tons of attentions from her aunties!

We dressed up Aubree first in a purple outfit and then Bryce and I decided to match her and wear purple too! The outfit was kind of big on her, but I loved purple so I thought it was cute! We were the purple family on this Sunday. I really hated matching in the past, but I've grown to love it! It's funny beause I'm still trying to catch up on the blog and we just dressed her up in this outift this past weekend and it's getting tight. Time flies and Aubree is getting too big too fast!

Bryce decided to have some fun and try and put her on his shoulders. I still have to remind him that's she's so tiny. He can't wait until she gets older. Aubree is going to have so much fun with her Daddy!

She looks a little scared and I don't blame her, but Bryce had a secure hold on her!

We tried to have another photo shoot with Aubree, but she kept on sliding down before we could take a picture of her. This is how she started...

And slowly she started to lean down...

And this is how she ended!

I'm sure she's thinking Daddy what are you doing to me?!? She's probably used to all of the picture taking now cause we LOVE taking pictures of her. It's amazing how digital cameras have made picture taking so much easier now. We don't have to worry about taking the 'perfect' picture. We just take about a hundred everytime and one of them is bound to have Aubree looking at us smiling! It's way cheaper too! Can you imagine having to develop 100 pictures?!? At that rate, we wouldn't have been able to afford to take pictures. And then of course nowdays we have Photoshop!!

It seems like everytime Auntie Emi takes a picture with Aubree, it always looks like she's going to steal her! We'll have to keep a close eye on that one!

Bryce decided to have fun AGAIN with Aubree!! This used to be her favorite sleeping technique. Everytime she was fussy, Bryce would swaddle her and she would fall asleep or calm down. Now days she doesn't like to be swaddled because she likes to move around her arms when she sleeps and she like to suck her fingers when she wakes up. This is kind of nice because she'll pacify herself to sleep!!

I always laugh when she gets swaddled because she looks like an eskimo. We call her our little eskimo or our little indian!

Aubree looks scared again, but she's not! Her head is actually strong for a baby who is only a month old.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Born in 2010

She is a 2010 baby! But I just found out that she is not born in the Year of the Tiger. The Year of the Tiger started February 14, 2010. Aubree's birthday is early so she was born in the Year of the Ox. It'll be fun to see what her personality is like as she grows older.

People born in the Year of the Ox are patient, speak little, and inspire confidence in others. They tend, however, to be eccentric, and bigoted, and they anger easily. They have fierce tempers and although they speak little, when they do they are quite eloquent. Ox people are mentally and physically alert. Generally easy-going, they can be remarkably stubborn, and they hate to fail or be opposed. They are most compatible with Snake, Rooster, and Rat people.

Friday, March 12, 2010

One Month Old!!

February 22, 2010
Aubree Mieko turned one month today! I can't believe how fast that came. It seemed like she was just born. We took her to the doctor's today. She is 9 pounds 4 ounces...no wonder she seems so heavy now! Everything was normal. The doctor said she's doing great!

We had time to kill while waiting for the doctor so we took pictures of her in the room. By the time the doctor came, she was kind of fussy...oops!

We tried to take 'posed' pictures for her one month birthday. We definitely had more fun than the baby. It kind of looks like we were trying to teach her how to pray! She's a good sport!

 She has a look on her face like get me out of here mom and dad!

She looks bored...

...cause she is!

She was so worn out that as soon as we put her in her car seat, she fell asleep!

We were so excited for her one month birthday that I wanted to buy her a cake. Who knew this would be an adventure! Our initial idea was to get a small round cake from Cold Stone. We got to Cold Stone and the little round cakes are $28!!!! We were so in awe, we just stood there looking at the cakes wondering how this small little ice cream cake could be so expensive. (The funny thing is Aubree can't eat cake!) So finally we decided to just go to Zippy's and get a cake. Oh and it was almost 9 PM so most bakeries and places to get cakes were closed. We went to Zippy's and it was so late that they only had haupia cake left and it was a big round cake. The only small round cake they had was a sugar free chocolate delight cake. It was exactly what we wanted except I told Bryce that it was sugar free so it probably tasted junk! In the end, we got that one because the cake was for Aubree...I had to remember that! We had the lady write words on the cake and we were good.

It was so late already that Aubree was out cold when we got home so we took pictures with her and her cake the next morning. I think the next time we do a cake, she'll be a year old and we'll plan it much better! Plus when she's a year old, it'll be her first time eating cake and ice cream so she'll actually enjoy the cake! By the way, she's not crying, she's singing!!


Here's a picture of Aubree just cruising!

Someone gave us this blanket before she was born and then we got this outfit as a present after and realized it was the exact same print. It was so funny...it's like playing 'Where's Aubree?"

This looks uncomfortable to me, but she'll fall asleep in the weirdest positions. She's very picky when it comes to what position she wants to fall asleep in. She'll wiggle and wiggle until we hold her the right way and then in a second (literally) she'll fall asleep!

3 Weeks Old!

Aubree turned 3 weeks on Feb 12.

Auntie Mika came by the apartment to say hi! Aubree was in heaven...someone to hold her while she's sleeping! She's getting older now so we try to put her down now while she's sleeping. She's getting better!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Mieko and Cousin Jaeden

My nephew, Jaeden, is 2 years old. Jaeden calls her Baby Mieko. He knows her by Aubree, but he's stuck with Meiko! He actually loves to hold the baby. When he holds her, he doesn't want to give her back. We can't even have out hands on the baby otherwise he'll whack our hands away and say 'I'm holding her.' He'll help throw away her diaper and he'll talk really quiet to her. When my mom tries to talk to him about something, he'll look at her and whisper, 'Shh, Baby Mieko is sleeping.' He is expecting a sister in July...I think he'll be a great older brother!

Baby Mieko was almost 3 weeks.

This was this past Monday so Baby Mieko was 1 month 2 weeks old.

Look at their feet. We have a one month old foot and a 2 year old foot! It'll be crazy when Aubree is 2 years old...can't she stay this small forever?!?